PELLE, a children's bike for little mechanics

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Lars Herzog
bicycle children mechanics instalation technical understanding modifying education for sustainebleility

Short Description

Pelle is a bicycle for children between three and fife years and teaches a technical understanding.

Detailed Description

For children between the ages of three and five, Pelle is not only a pushbike and a first bicycle in one. It also fulfills an educational purpose on various levels thanks to the possibility of converting it themselves. It not only offers the opportunity to train balance. By wrenching, the children also practice the coarse and fine motor skills of their hands and also expand their understanding of technology and physics, the fundamentals of which are developed through practical activity before abstract connections can increasingly be comprehended at school age. On an emotional level, the activity of converting one's own vehicle provides an opportunity to experience oneself as effective in a motivating way, which can give children self-confidence for future performance situations and boost their satisfaction and motivation to learn. In addition, children learn that items can be used and adapted for a long time instead of being replaced after a short period of consumption.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

Our technologized society poses problems that are likely to become even more critical in the future. Through technology and the seemingly incessant progress, the products we use and with which children learn to interact at an early age quickly become obsolete or broken. Our society needs to rethink and create a different relationship between products and people so that they are valued again and used for a longer period of time. For a responsible handling of products, each and every individual should have basic technical knowledge. Therefore, the consumer could recognize when a product is repairable and, in the best case, have the understanding of repairing it himself or at least take the necessary steps to extend the product's lifetime. This is where the Pelle bicycle comes in and tries to encourage children to become active themselves and to gain a new understanding of technology and physics by doing things themselves and to experience self-efficacy.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

Children who ride and modify Pelle learn that objects can be used and adapted for a long time, instead of being replaced after a short period of consumption. The bicycle can therefore also contribute to an education in environmental sustainability, and thus addresses an issue that becomes more relevant with each coming generation. These skills learned in early childhood provide the foundation and understanding for future products and their reproducibility.
Other children's bicycles are mainly about learning how to ride a bike, the process of modifying, attaching or assembling one's own bike is not included until now. With Pelle, the focus is on an easy and safe way to learn to ride a bike, but also on education for environmental sustainability at an early age.