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Adam Miklosi




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Uppgradera is a 3D printed Ikea-hack collection aiming to make the user experience more pleasant.

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Uppgradera is an Ikea-hack collection which was inspired by the IKEA products that I have been using in the last couple of years. My ideas aspire to supplement the original designs and correct the slips I had experienced, with the help of 3D printing.
The collection includes the 3D printable manufacturing file of 6 accessories that the user of the given IKEA product facing similar problems can manufacture or have manufactured locally, anywhere in the world.
My aim was to design products which solve real problems and with a little bit of “uppgradera”, make the user experience more pleasant and efficient.
I believe most of the mass-produced under 5$ plastic products and accessories could be replced by 3D printed alternatives. It is the philosophy I want to share with multi-national companies, such as IKEA. I set the pricing accordingly.
Uppgradera's products are sold on 2 online platforms (Cults3D and Etsy) targeting fellow designers, makers and ikea-hackers for a competitive price.



uppgradera, ikea-hack, ikeahack, ikea, 3dprint, accessories, distributeddesign

Project Details


Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

Uppgradera is providing a valuable tool for "upgrading" their Ikea products if it does not fit to their needs. It empowers the user to customize their product and make a closer bond between customer, owner and product. This way we can reduce the "fast-fashion" and "fast-design" trends.

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

Tons of mass-produced plastic products are end up in the landfill due to lack of market and user needs which are travelling thousands of miles from the east and distributed in shops all around the planet.
Most of the mass-produced under 5$ plastic products and accessories could be replaced by 3D printed alternatives locally. Uppgradera is aming to show a way of thinking about plastic accessories and digital distribution and local manufacturing.

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

Yes and no! Uppgradera's designs are following the principles of distributed design, but not open-source, it is charged for a symbolic price.
The reason why the design file is not open, because it went through a careful and detailed development process, tested and validated by 15 beta-testers all around the world and I want to keep the quality of the design assured.
I want to keep the Uppgradera users and community members satisfied with their products and make them happy user as I am.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

You don't need to buy a new Ikea lamp, cheese grater, cloth hanger...etc. and throw away the existing one if it does not fit to your needs.
You can hack it by downloading and locally manufacturing a hack for your product for example.: lamp shade for your Navlinge lamp, a ring that can be placed onto the grater (Chosigt) to prevent the grated cheese from falling down, or shoulder pads for your Stajlig cloth hanger to eliminate creases...

This way you can customize and improve your already existing products and awake the large companies to change their mind of overproducing products and accessories.



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