Chifen Cheng

Chifen Cheng

Profession: Product Designer

Project: Soft Touch

Based in: London

Platform Member: Other Today




“Soft Touch is a table lamp designed with a borderless distribution and reproduction in mind. The traditional process of manufacturing overseas with global distribution is no longer sustainable for our planet. Resource depletion, plastic oceans, and global warming are some of the reasons why designers need to be mindful of their design decision and the aftermath.

By sharing its digital data, Soft Touch can be produced anywhere around the world, and be made with locally available materials and machinery. With different types of data, the maker can choose between 3D printing, CNC or laser cutting processes, depending on the budget and timeline. Plastic, hair, or corn husk can be used for the bristles. Alternative sheet materials can be applied for the ring design and the lamp holder if a pipe is not available.

While making the lighting fixture customizable to appeal to different demographics, cultures, and trends, the lamp offers a timeless and tactile connection between the designer, the maker, and the user. The sensory integration adds a softness and warmness to the digitally made good. This distributed design process is a stroke away from making a difference.”


Soft Touch


Tala Lurra bulb Closed Loop Perspex Paint brush bristles


Soft Touch 2


Tala Porcelain II bulb Tala brass pendant Broom head