How to become a Global Maker


Tips and Tricks for your communication

To support designers and makers and to help them connecting to the market we hold a communication workshop as part of the Maker to Market in Bilbao.

Download HERE our Workshop and Playbook with tricks to communicate your project and yourself from our Resources to test and improve your communication skills!

Project success also depends on effective communication and shows the importance to communicate your work to the outside in a clear and appealing way. Good communication skills are key to operate as a maker or designer in the age of Distributed Design.

Distributed Design opens up a global market for your work. In today’s highly informational and technological environment it has become increasingly important to have good communication skills. Your online presence can help you to capitalise on this by connecting globally with people having shared interests, and highlighting the personal value of your project via storytelling.

Communication is a process where we try to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives as clear and accurate as possible. To be successful it is really essential to be clear about who you are, what you offer and to whom you talk how in which channels.

PITCH PLEASE- After finding out and clarifying your own identity or the identity of your work as well as your target, the best way to present yourself is a short pitch: Describe your idea, product or company and explain the concept in a way that any listener can understand you!

PLAY ONLINE- We created a playbook with 10 tips and tricks how to communicate on social media channels and increase your online community!


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